How to place an order

What you see is what you get

The Annapolis Police Department quartermaster website provides a straight forward experience to order clothing, equipment, and accessories related to Class A, Class B, and Utility uniforms.  Please note that every manufacturer and every version will not be available through the website.  Standard equipment with some options are available.  Additionally, you are provided the opportunity to request items that are not initially provided from the APD quartermaster shop (see special orders below).  

Clothing Allowance

Per union contract, each officer is allocated an $850 clothing allowance each year that renews on July 1.  Those employees in a specialized unit or training in a specialized function receive an additional $75 per year.  Each employee has their own account through the quartermaster website that will show their rolling credit balance.  This allows you to know how much you have remaining at any time.  

How to place an order

 To place an order through the quartermaster website, simply choose your product, select available options, place it into your cart and check out.  Note that options relate to size, color, rank, etc. 

Special Orders

It is possible to get items that are not standard products kept by the quartermaster.  To make a special order, submit a request through the Contact Us link.  To speed up the process and minimize the need for back and forth clarification, please be as descriptive as possible with your request.  Information needed relate to Vendor, Item Number, Size, Color, Special Finishes or other options.  It is always best to copy and paste a link to the item that you are requesting.